What do I do? Ants have invaded my home!!!

Sherrys termite and pest control services Gold CoastGive Sherry’s a call! We can come and carry out a complete Ant Treatment, which is internal and external. Internally we will treat where the ants are present using an Optiguard Ant bait gel. Sherry’s will then do an external treatment, treating the perimeter of your home and any ant trails coming towards and away from the house perimeter. After treating your home for ants you will be supplied a Pest Management Treatment Proposal and Advice Notice. Pest Control licensed technicians all work to Australian standards and the treatment has a 3 month warranty period.

Ants tend to migrate indoors in wet damp weather so in warmer tropical months get on top of your ant problem Pest Control For Ants are your best bet to concur ants as they invade your residence, over the counter surface sprays may kill the few on the surface but it won’t stop them from coming in. Other ant treatment options are also available but mostly make the problem worse or do nothing at all. Its best to get Sherry’s Pest Control For Ants to help you as they have the best chemicals for the job which you can’t buy over the counter and it will work out a much more cost effective solution that works.