How can I get rid of Ants??

I spray the ants, clean up the ants and then a day later they are back again. Are you sick of your ant problem? They get into your cupboards, along your architrave, skirting boards, balconies and pathways. Ants commonly scavenge in kitchens and other food-handling areas, as well as garbage cans and refuge areas. All ants live in colonies, which typically include a large group of workers and a single, or several queens. Pest Control For Ants Gold Coast worker ants do most of the food foraging and are the ones you mostly likely see around the crumbs of a biscuit. There are estimated 4-5000 ant species present in Australia. Pest Control For Ants Tweed Heads Did you know that most “do-it-yourself” ant control efforts can actually make things worse?

Most over-the-counter sprays and repellents can cause a phenomenon called “budding,” in which foraging ants, separated from their nest and queen by a repellent spray, will actually start new colonies, creating more and more ants. This is why it is important to call a Pest Control For Ants Brisbane and have them treat the issue properly once and for all. Most Pest Control For Ants Ipswich treatments will come with a warranty on the treatment so if the problem happens again, you can call them up and they will retreat free of charge. The most common treatment method inside the home is an ant gel which is clear and and you only need a few drop for the chemical to do its magic.

Pest Control For Ants Sunshine Coast outside treatments are mostly a chemical spray on the ant trails and/or nest if possible and these chemicals work as the ant can smell, tasted, or even be felt by the ants.

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Domestic and Commercial Pest Control in Ipswich?

Pest Control is needed in every aspect of a property, whether you are a home owner, business owner. Commercial Pest Control Services Ipswich is needed in restaurants, café’s, takeaway shops, office buildings and many more properties. A Pest Control Treatment Ipswich can cover anything from cockroaches, spiders, silverfish, ants, rodents, fleas, birds, wasp, bed bugs, borers and many more pests. If you are a café/restaurant/ take way or food premises, you are required by law to have 3 or 6 monthly general pest treatments. Commercial Pest Control Ipswich

Domestic Pest Control Treatment

The Queensland Health Department does random health inspections on food premises and you will be required to prove you have had a general pest treatment. This can be proven by a pesticide treatment notice sticker on your premises or by showing them your general pest report which would be provided to you by the company who carried out your treatment, this paper work will be on Australian Standard paperwork. Domestic Pest Control Ipswich should be carried out every 6 months on individual’s properties. This treatment will prevent and eradicate any spiders, cockroaches and silverfish you may have and stop new ones coming in.

Pest Control Ipswich can also prevent other pest you are having problems with. With the unpredictable weather we have in Queensland, a general pest treatment is recommended to every household.The technician should also leave a pesticide application notice on your property, stating what chemicals have been used and where applied. The technician should also update any stickers you may have in your meter box or under your kitchen cupboard. This sticker will also advise you when your next treatment is due.

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What Termite Treatments are available?

When termites are found active in your home it can be quiet scary. Normally your first question is, how do I get rid of them? It is very important not to scare the termites or disturb the termites when you find them and definitely do not spray them with a home fly or insect spray. Once you have found the termites, cover back up the area you found them, or you will scare and disturb them. They will react by shutting off these mud leads and moving to another area of the home. You should call Termite Control Treatment Ipswich Company to come and access the situation at your current property, they will find the best possible solution to treat your infestation. Most Termite Control Treatment Brisbane will treat the termites will either a dusting treatment to the mud leads or a foaming treatment to the wall cavity’s or even a liquid treatment to a tree or an external barrier.

The best and safest way to eradicate the termites would be by a license timber pest technician, Termite Control Treatment Sunshine Coast will also give you an option for going protection and prevention for your home. This could be a chemical barrier or bait station monitoring tool. It is very important you do not try to eradicate then termites yourself and contact a licensed timber pest technician. After a treatment has been carried out, Termite Control Sunshine Coast will send the correct paperwork on Australian Standard paperwork and a sticker will be placed in your meter box to inform anyone that a chemical has been placed on the premises.

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What is a termite reticulation system and which chemical do I need?

Most homes in Queensland have termite barrier system in place and will definitely have a barrier if the home was built after 2001. There are many different barriers on the market. There are physical barriers, chemical barriers, reticulation barriers, bait station monitoring stations etc. If you have a Termite Reticulation Brisbane this barrier does require annual termite inspections to maintain the warranty as well as a top up of the chemical in the reticulation pipe. Depending on which Termite Reticulation Gold Coast chemical was placed in the pipe when the last chemical top up was done. Most chemicals last 3-5 years.

The Termite Reticulation Ipswich will place a sticker in your meter box or under your kitchen cupboard, this sticker will state which type of reticulation product you have and which chemical was placed in the pipe and the life span of that chemical and when the reticulation needs to be re-filled. Termite Reticulation Systems Brisbane, you will need to check with your pest control technician to make sure they are accredited to fill your reticulation system otherwise you may void your warranty. You will also need to be careful to make sure you match your chemicals. Most chemicals pumped into the barrier will have been a Bifenthrin chemical which is a repellent chemical. You can not mix a repellant chemical with a non repellent. For example you can not place termidor into a pipe that has had Bifenthrin in the pipe.

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Do I need a Termite Inspection?

Annual termite inspections are recommended by the CSIRO to be done every 12 months for homes in Queensland. Termite Inspections Brisbane is necessary to determine where your high pressure zones are for termites or if you have termites in your home which have so far been undetected. Termite Inspection Gold Coast can carry out your Australian Standard inspection and you will receive an 8-9 page report on Australia Standard paperwork. It is very important you have a licensed timber pest technician carry out your inspection and you receive your report on Australia Standard paper work to maintain or uphold any termite barrier warranties you may have in place.

Termite Inspections Ipswich will check the inside of your home, the roof void and the external perimeter of you home. The inspection will take around 1-1.5 hours depending on the size of your home. Termite Inspections Sunshine Coast will give you a very through report explaining areas of concerns and high pressure zones. They will also note any previous termite damage or wood rot that are present at the time of inspection. If you have areas that can be improved on, they will explain which areas they are and what needs to be done.

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What Termite Specialists are available?

There are many companies who state they are specialist in Termite Control. You need to make sure you use a reputable company that has a long stable history in termite eradication and has not just pop up out of the blue. Ask the technician and company how many years experience they have with termites and eradication.

Termite Control Specialists Ipswich will need to conduct the eradication process to the Australian Standards and giving you the correct paperwork and notification on Australian Standard paperwork. The same process and paperwork is also used on Termite Reticulation Barriers Brisbane. This shows the owner what chemical and at what ration the chemical has been applied to your property. This is important for when the chemical needs to be re applied and also important if you sell your property so you can explain what and wear chemicals have been placed.

Termite Control Specialists Tweed Heads will advise you to have annual termite inspections as 1 in 3 homes in Queensland get attacked by termites every year. This inspection is very important especially at this time of year as the weather starts to warm up Termite Control Specialists Sunshine Coast.

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What do I do?? Ants have invaded my home!!!

Give Pest Control For Ants Tweed Heads a call! We can come and carry out a complete Ant Treatment, which is internal and external. Internally we will treat where the ants are present using an Optiguard Ant bait gel. Pest Control For Ants Brisbane will then do an external treatment, treating the perimeter of your home and any ant trails coming towards and away from the house perimeter. After treating your home for ants you will be supplied a Pest Management Treatment Proposal and Advice Notice. Pest Control For Ants Gold Coast’s licensed technicians all work to Australian standards and the treatment has a 3 month warranty period.

Ants tend to migrate indoors in wet damp weather so in these warmer tropical months get on top of your ant problem Pest Control For Ants Ipswich are your best bet to concur ants as they invade your residence, over the counter surface sprays may kill the few on the surface but it won’t stop them from coming in. Other ant treatment options are also available but mostly make the problem worse or do nothing at all. Its best to get Pest Control For Ants Sunshine Coast help you as they have the best chemicals for the job which you can’t buy over the counter and it will work out a much more cost effective solution that works.

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What are the treatment options for the pests invading my home

Cockroaches, spiders, ants, rodents, silver fish, fleas and other annoying house hold pests don’t have to be present in your home, and there is an easy solution to keeping your home pest free.

Domestic Pest Control Brisbane carry out a General Pest Treatment which covers three of the most common pests- Cockroaches, webbing spiders and Silverfish. This service involves our licensed technician treating internal wall skirtings, kitchen cupboards, roof voids and the perimeter and eaves of your home. All of this takes around an hour, and comes with a 6 month warranty.

Living in Queensland with our tropical climate, comes along with ANTS! Domestic Pest Control Gold Coast have 3 options in treating your ant problem, internal, external or the Ant Treatment Complete. Internally we can use a gel which the ants consume and take back to their nest, killing them. Externally we spray a chemical treating the perimeter of your house and any ant trails coming up to and away from your home. This service has a 3 month warranty.

So have your loving pets bought in fleas? This is one addition you don’t need in your family. Time to call upon Domestic Pest Control Ipswich. It will take 1 hour to treat the problem areas to eradicate these bitey little guys, our licenced technician will then provide you with a Pest Management Treatment Proposal & advice Notice report, for your records.

Domestic Pest Services Brisbane

Domestic Pest Services Brisbane

Having trouble with rats and mice? Keeping domestic rats and mice is one thing, but when they invade your home uninvited its disgusting! Domestic Pest Control Sunshine Coast can come and install lockable bait stations where there are signs of rodent activity, it is then recommended to have follow up visits every 14 days until the rodents are eradicated.

There is no need to put up with that wasp nest that has appeared in your garden, constantly having to avoid that part of your property. Domestic Pest Services Brisbane will come and treat the area where the wasps are present with chemical to keep the wasps away. Taking 1 hour it is a better idea to call upon professionals to do the job properly.

To keep on top of these pests it isn’t a lot of time to set aside for a long term solution. It is always best to get a licenced professional to carry out these treatments as they use chemicals that you can’t buy over the counter, they will use the chemicals relevant to each particular pest and it is much more affective. It is a small price to pay for piece of mind.

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I think I have Cockroaches in my kitchen….What do I do?

One thing that we don’t realise is that there are around about 400 species of Cockroach in Australia. In saying this there are only a handful that are introduced pests that are responsible for their filthy reputation. The most common breeds are German, American and Oriental Cockroaches. It is recommended that you call in Pest Control For Cockroaches Brisbane and Pest Control For Cockroaches Ipswich to treat any cockroaches you may find in your home.

Cockroaches have been known to carry a range of nasty diseases including salmonella, gastroenteritis, staphylococcus, streptococcus and they can also harbour viruses such as Polio. Pest Control For Cockroaches Gold Coast can come and eradicate these nasty little guys to avoid these diseases around your home.

Pest Control For Cockroaches Sunshine Coast will come and treat the affected areas which has a 6 month warranty and you will receive a detailed report advising what was done and what was found.

Pest Control For Cockroaches Tweed Heads are qualified and licenced technicians that work to Australian standards. They will use the correct chemicals for the type of cockroach infesting your home and advise you on preventative actions to ensure the risk of further infestation is reduced.

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How can i get rid of common household pests?

In these warmer months common household pests tend to come about and make nuisances of themselves around the house. The good news is we don’t have to put up with sharing our homes with these guys, if you call on Pest Control Brisbane they can treat your home and keep the creepy crawlies at bay for up to 6 months. Domestic Pest Services Sunshine Coast can come and carry out a General Pest Spray which will treat Cockroaches, Spiders and Silverfish.

Ipswich Pest Control can treat for many pests including, Ants, Rodents, Fleas and Termites. These are all to Australian Standards and you will also be provided with a detailed report, and our licensed technician will leave you a pesticide application notice outlining the chemicals Gold Coast Pest Control have used in your home. When carrying out a General Pest Treatment Domestic Pest Services Gold Coast will treat with a chemical spray under the eves of the external walls, gel in the kitchen and laundry, a light spray around the perimeter skirtings and a dusting in the roof void.

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