How can i get rid of common household pests?

In these warmer months common household pests tend to come about and make nuisances of themselves around the house. The good news is we don’t have to put up with sharing our homes with these guys, if you call on Pest Control Brisbane they can treat your home and keep the creepy crawlies at bay for up to 6 months. Domestic Pest Services Sunshine Coast can come and carry out a General Pest Spray which will treat Cockroaches, Spiders and Silverfish.

Ipswich Pest Control can treat for many pests including, Ants, Rodents, Fleas and Termites. These are all to Australian Standards and you will also be provided with a detailed report, and our licensed technician will leave you a pesticide application notice outlining the chemicals Gold Coast Pest Control have used in your home. When carrying out a General Pest Treatment Domestic Pest Services Gold Coast will treat with a chemical spray under the eves of the external walls, gel in the kitchen and laundry, a light spray around the perimeter skirtings and a dusting in the roof void.

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