Termite Control For New Construction

Termite Control for New Construction

A reliable team that you can depend on for projects of all sizes

Backed by a large team Sherry’s is well equipped with the experience and resources necessary for projects of all types and sizes. As specialists in termite control for new construction, Sherry’s will work with you to ensure your project stays on track and produces the highest quality results.

Sherry’s use only the most trusted brands of termite barriers that have been manufactured by trusted, reputable suppliers.



Product: HomeGuard Termite Management System

HomeGuard is a pre-construction termite management system for the prevention of concealed entry by subterranean termites. CodeMark Certification confirms that HomeGuard products will provide effective subterranean termite management for the design life of the building of not less than 50 years. Following certification, confirmation of HomeGuard’s $1,000,000 Warranty will provide peace of mind to the homeowner.

Technical resources:

Visit the Homeguard Website

View the Homeguard Warranty 

View the CodeMark Certificate of Conformity


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Product: TERM-seal

Termite resistant and waterproof. TERM-seal coatings and sealants provide a unique 2-in-1 termite and waterproof barrier.

TERM-seal products are developed from inorganic compounds that come together to create a new and exciting method of termite protection and waterproofing.

 TERM-seal Termite Control

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Product: Termguard

Termguard reticulation systems are purpose built reticulated, replenishable pipe systems providing a safe, cost effective and reliable barrier to the entry of subterranean termites.

Termguard systems comply with the requirements of the Building Code of Australia, which in general provides indemnity to builders under their existing warranty policies.

Technical resources:

Termguard Reticulation Systems Codemark Approval Certificate
Termguard Reticulation Systems CSIRO Appraisal
Termguard Reticulation Systems Warranty

 Termguard Termite Control - Termite Reticulation Systems



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Our expert team of technicians use only premium quality products:


  TERM-seal Termite Sealants Termguard Termite Reticulation Systems


Termguard Reticulation

Termseal Collar System

Termseal Slab Repair