Termite & Pest Control Services

Termite & Pest Control Services

Peace of mind for homeowners and property managers


Termite & pest control services carried out by Sherry’s expert technicians using only the highest quality, safe products available.

Products: Country Aqua

Some pests can be difficult to control, which is why using Sherry’s Termite and Pest Control who offer a warranty on pest treatment means you are guaranteed results and great value for money. Read more…

Protect your home with termite and timber pest inspections carried out by fully qualified technicians who will use their many years experience to identify every problem. Sherry’s Termite & Pest Control utilises cutting edge reporting technology to produce thorough reports on the condition of your home as well as suggested solutions where necessary.

Visual Timber Pest Inspection and Report in accordance with AS 4349.3

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Visual Termite Inspection Report in accordance with AS 3660.2-2000

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Product: Flickguard

Repel termites with Flickguard as its core product deltamethrin displays unequalled insecticidal efficacy and repellency and deltamethrin is three times more insecticidally potent than bifenthrin.

Product: Country Fipronil

This premium quality Australian-made termite control product is only available to licensed Pest Managers like those at Sherry’s. Fipronil is used to protect buildings from suspect termite attacks as well as to treat existing infestations. Read more…

Product: Nemesis Termite Bait Station

Unlike chemical barriers that need to be reapplied every few years termite bait stations are a complete termite management plan offer a high level of protection that will last the life of the building. Completely safe and non-toxic, Nemisis Termite Bait Stations offer protection from termite attack regardless of the type of construction used to build your home. Read more…

Product: TimberSecure Insurance Policy

Ultimate protection from termites with TimberSecure. Read more…
TimberSecure Insurance Policy - Termite Protection





Our expert team of technicians use only premium quality products to protect your home

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