Common pests cause inconvenience around the house but can be kept away for 6 months with a pest treatment

Common pests are causing inconvenience in many houses around Brisbane but can be kept away for up to 6 months with pest control.

There are many common household pests in Queensland. Sherry’s pest control and Pest inspection can be for cockroaches, spiders, silverfish, ants, rodents and fleas, however there are many more pest treatments we can carry out. A general Pest inspection will consist of a treatment spray under the eves of your external walls, a dusting in the roof void, gelling inside your kitchen and laundry hinges and a light spray on your skirting boards. Other treatments will consist of different methods of application for those chemicals.

Sherry’s pest control company will carry out your treatment pest inspection to the Australian Standards. A license pest technician will ask you if you have any areas of concern and which pests you are having issues with. This report is currently 3-4 pages long and the licensed pest controller will also leave a pesticide application notice, stating which chemicals have been applied and where these chemicals have been applied. A treatment sticker will be placed in the meter box and should be updated with the date the sprayed was placed onto the property. Sherry’s Pest technicians can use stronger chemicals than you can purchase from your local hardware store, with longer lasting residual effects. Making these treatments works fast and more effect and in the long term and a cheaper option for you. It’s a pretty simple and cost effective way really and it just means a reputable pest company visits your place every 6 months or so. There’s a lot more pests around because of the extreme weather conditions in Brisbane especially with the flooding. The wet weather tends to bring out pests in the masses and results in us needing more regular pest treatments and is the reason why there in a noticeable difference in comparison to last year. Keep on top of your pest inspections and treatments to avoid these pests entering your home.