Domestic and Commercial Pest Control in Ipswich?

Domestic and Commercial Pest Control in Ipswich.

Pest Control is needed in every aspect of a property, whether you are a home owner, business owner. Commercial Pest Control Services Ipswich is needed in restaurants, café’s, takeaway shops, office buildings and many more properties. A Pest Control Treatment can cover anything from cockroaches, spiders, silverfish, ants, rodents, fleas, birds, wasp, bed bugs, borers and many more pests. If you are a café/restaurant/ take way or food premises, you are required by law to have 3 or 6 monthly general pest treatments.


The Queensland Health Department does random health inspections on food premises and you will be required to prove you have had a general pest treatment. This can be proven by a pesticide treatment notice sticker on

your premises or by showing them your general pest report which would be provided to you by the company who carried out your treatment, this paper work will be on Australian Standard paperwork. Domestic Pest Control Ipswich should be carried out every 6 months on individual’s properties.

 This treatment will prevent and eradicate any spiders, cockroaches and silverfish you may have and stop new ones coming in.

Pest Control Ipswich can also prevent other pest you are having problems with. With the unpredictable weather we have in Queensland, a general pest treatment is recommended to every household.The technician should also leave a pesticide application notice on your property, stating what chemicals have been used and where applied. The technician should also update any stickers you may have in your meter box or under your kitchen cupboard. This sticker will also advise you when your next treatment is due.