How can I get on top of household pests this summer?

How can I get on top of household pests this summer?

Coming into these warmer tropical months spiders, rodents and other creepy crawlies are coming out of the woodwork. Black ants don’t like the wet season and tend to migrate indoors, the good news is they rarely cause damage to your home and are easy enough to be eradicated. However they are annoying getting into our food and are basically just little intruders! Pest Control has the right information and treatments to ensure you can get on top of your black ant problem to stop these pests from invading your home.

Silverfish are another annoying household pest they are well known to destroy property they feed on pastes, glues natural textiles books and paper materials they also contaminate food, though do not transmit disease. They love mold and fungi so thrive in damp environments. A good way to reduce silverfish is to call in Residential Pest Control  to treat your home, and for long term prevention, ensure any tap leaks or plumbing issues are fixed as these pests favor humidity and store any food sources in airtight containers including most pantry items especially items high in protein, sugar starch, cereals and wheat flour.

Australian Cockroach a large species of cockroach and loves the warmer climate, doesn’t tend to live so much indoors in the summer months though will come indoors in the search for food.

One of Australia’s most common household cockroach is the German cockroach.  They live in kitchens feeding on food scraps and other food products, this is why it is important to clean and keep hygiene stands very high in food preparation areas. Cockies coming out of hiding at night time as they are mainly nocturnal pests, making it harder to get rid of them, get some help from Residential Pest Control – let’s stop these little critters from getting into our food stuffs excreting in our food spreading disease leading to food poisoning.

Now to touch on spiders something not may people like and especially in your home! They tend to pop out at the worst time and always seem to have that heebie – jeebies, creepy crawly affect! Huntsman’s are a common household spider and man can they get big! Even though these aren’t poisonous they have a nasty bite. Time to get Residential Pest Control to come and inspect your home and give a general pest spray to ensure your home is your home and not home to the little creepy crawlies we all dread!

You will be supplied a spray treatment around the eves of your external walls, dustings in the roof void, a spray around the skirting boards and gelling in the kitchen area. All treatments are to Australian standards and our licensed technician will ensure that your home is treated with the correct methods relevant to the pests you are having trouble with.  Residential Pest Control will supply you will a report outlining what measures have been taken out for your records, a sticker so you can keep a track of when your next treatment will be due and also some information on the chemicals that were used.