How important is getting a regular termite inspection?

How important is getting a regular Termite Inspection?

We are often asked, how important are regular termite inspection? Recognising and treating termites in the early stages of infestation can save lots of time and money therefore regularly monitoring your home for termite infestation is essential.

It is highly recommended by the CSIRO that termite inspections are done annually for homes right through Queensland. Termite Control Specialists carryout a thorough inspection which complies with Australian standards and regulations. You will be provided an 8-9 page Australian standard report. Having a trained and licensed Pest technician to perform your Termite Control Brisbane is necessary to ensure you receive your Australian Standard Paper work to avoid voiding any product warranties on termite barriers you may have in place in your home.

As Queensland is getting more and more populated and built up, urban areas are growing especially where well established gum trees are near by, these areas are definitely at risk of having active termites. Termites destroy the wall and roofing timbers of a home, even new homes, this has been known to happen within 3 months of construction! If you find termites do not disturb them, if they are disturbed they will most probably abandon that area and move to another area of the building.

In the case of finding active termites it is essential that you promptly arrange Termite Control Specialists  to perform a professional inspection and to determine the best way to eradicate the active termites. Large colonies in urban areas are often underground and harder to detect, millions of termites from these colonies could be eating the inside timbers and frame work of your home so it is advisable to get Termite Control to do a regular termite inspection to monitor your home and if termites are found they can eradicate the nest and suggest long term prevention and treatment options to ensure this is controlled. It is important to get regular Termite Inspections as they are often in your home eating away and you may not even know about it. Termite Control is the best option to ensure your home is safe from termites, early detection, treatment and prevention is the key.