Pre-Purchase Termite Inspections

Pre-Purchase Termite Inspections

Termite & pest inspections giving you confidence before you buy


Purchasing a new home is a very exciting time in your life however as 1 in 4 homes will be attacked by termites at some point it is crucial that you arrange a Pre-Purchase Termite Inspections (pre-purchase timber inspection) before you hand over your money.

Sherry’s Termite and Pest Control are able to carry out a complete Pre-Purchase Inspection covering everything from termite activity to water leaks and everything in between. You are able to buy your new home with confidence that a thorough inspection has been completed by our fully qualified technicians who will use their many years experience to identify every problem.

The inspection will begin with our technician inspecting the entire perimeter of the buildings and surrounding gardens, trees and timber. This helps us, not only detect termite activity but also determine the risk of possible termite attack.

The final report will offer solutions to reduce the risk of termite attack as well as completely documenting everything found during the inspection. While inside your new home all accessible timber will be sounded and the moisture content in walls surrounding the wet areas will be measured using a moisture meter before entering the roof void.

We will thoroughly inspect the ceiling timber in the roof void to ensure termites haven’t entered the roof void and begun destroying the trusses helping you rest easy knowing your new home is safe. The last thing you want when you move in to your new home to have it destroyed by termites which is why as part of your Pre-Purchase Pest Inspection Sherry’s Termite and Pest Control will present you with a quote to install a termite barrier to offer the best protection available protecting your home for years into the future.