Sherry’s termite specialists!

Sherry’s termite specialists!


There are many companies who state they are termite specialists. You need to make sure you use a reputable company that has a long stable history in termite eradication and has not just pop up out of the blue. Sherry’s team have years of experience and are termite specialists.

It is important to ask the technician and company how many years experience they have with termites and eradication.  We will need to conduct the eradication process to the Australian Standards and giving you the correct paperwork and notification on Australian Standard paperwork.

The same process and paperwork is also used on Termite Reticulation Barriers. This shows the owner what chemical and at what ratio the chemical has been applied to your property.

This is important for when the chemical needs to be re applied and also important if you sell your property so you can explain what and wear chemicals have been placed.

Termite Control Specialists will advise you to have annual termite inspections as one in three homes in Queensland get attacked by termites every year. This inspection is very important especially at this time of year as the weather starts to warm up Termite Control Specialists.

Termite’s can cause significant structural damage to properties if not treated quickly and properly, so it is essential that you make sure you have a reputable company with years of experience. No one wants to see their family home damaged from termites, so don’t wait until it’s to late.