Termite Inspections

Do I need a termite inspection?




Annual termite inspections are recommended by the CSIRO to be done every 12 months for homes in Queensland. An inspections is necessary to determine where your high pressure zones are for termites or if you have termites in your home which have so far been undetected. The longer termites go undetected, the more damage they cause. Even if you don’t suspect damage, you need an inspection.


We can carry out your Australian Standard inspection and you will receive an 8-9 page report on Australia Standard paperwork. It is very important you have a licensed timber pest technician carry out your inspection and you receive your report on Australia Standard paper work to maintain or uphold any termite barrier warranties you may have in place. We will check the inside of your home, the roof void and the external perimeter of you home.


The inspection will take around 1-1.5 hours depending on the size of your home. We will give you a very through report explaining areas of concerns and high pressure zones. They will also note any previous damage or wood rot that are present at the time of inspection. If you have areas that can be improved on, they will explain which areas they are and what needs to be done.

Sherry’s Pest control will ensure your home is fully inspected to Australian standards and will provide the paperwork and recommendations required to protect your home. Termites can cause significant damage if not treated properly; therefore having regular inspections is essential.