Terms & Conditions of Trade

The following Terms & Conditions will apply to any and all credit extended by Sherry’s Termite and Pest Control Pty Ltd of 5/168 Siganto Drive, Oxenford, Qld, 4210 and any of its related body corporates or associated businesses and your acceptance of goods supplied by the Supplier will be evidence of the terms agreed between you as the Customer and us as the Supplier. These terms and conditions supersede any existing terms and conditions and shall continue to apply unless otherwise notified in writing by the Supplier.

“Goods” include services.

“Supplier” means “Sherry’s Termite and Pest Control Pty Ltd” or any of its related body corporates or associated businesses from which goods are purchased.

“Customer” means the party(ies) receiving goods supplied by Sherry’s Termite and Pest Control Pty Ltd or any of its related body corporates or associated businesses from which goods are purchased.

Pest Control Prices

Goods will be supplied on the Supplier’s then current terms and conditions of sale with any alterations as may be notified to you at the point of sale.

For the purpose of easy communication, Sherry’s defines a standard size property as follows:

House: A stand alone residential dwelling that has no more than 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms & 1 garage enclosing a double car space.

Duplex or Townhouse: An attached residential dwelling that has no more than 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms & 1 garage enclosing a double car space.

Unit: An attached residential dwelling that has no more than 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms & 1 garage enclosing a single car space.


All goods must be paid for in full as outlined under the terms of the invoice. No service reports, certificates or warranties will be issued prior to payment being received in full. Should collection proceedings at any time be required to enforce payment to the Supplier, the company agrees to reimburse the Supplier with all cost disbursements, debt collection agency fees, search fees, solicitors’ costs and commissions payable to the collection agency. If payment is overdue, further services may not be authorised until payment is received. Some services may require a 50% deposit prior to their commencement with the remaining balance being due upon completion of the services. Should payment not be received within the above terms, the Supplier reserves the right to withhold warranties and collect products that relate to unpaid amounts that are overdue.


No claims will be recognised by the Supplier unless the claim is made in writing. Not withstanding, such claims, payment for those services acknowledged as correct shall be made in accordance with the agreed terms of trading.

Title to Goods

The Supplier will at all times be entitled to retain a general lien over all material or property that comes into its possession on or after the date of the invoice, including but not limited to documents, plans, approvals, and termite certificates, that are or may be the property of the customer(s) until such time as payment of all debts owing to the Supplier by the customer are paid. The Customer agrees that the Supplier may exercise a general possessory lien no matter on what account the indebtedness may be due by the Customer. The Customer agrees that it is ‘customary’ for the Supplier to have a right to such a lien.

Special Call Fees

If the Supplier’s services are called upon for an agreed time and are unable to be performed due to the customer not being ready at that time, then a service call fee of $165 may be charged should no notice have been given prior to the time of arrival by the Supplier at the address at which the services were agreed to be performed at.


If the services are performed are for company that is Propriety Limited then all directors of that company agree that if payment is not made by their company then all directors can and will be held personally liable for the account. The Supplier is to be immediately notified of any alterations to ownership, legal entity or trading style.

Twelve Monthly Termite Inspection Service Warranty


Building refers to the main structure that is positioned on top of the main concrete slab or suspended floor, and/or a structure that directly abuts the main structure. Examples of inclusions are: main residences, patios or decks, garages or carports. Examples of exclusions are: detached granny flats or offices, detached gazebos or stand alone decking.

Visual Inspection Zone refers to the 75mm surface area around the perimeter of the building which allows a visual inspection to be carried out, or as specified in Australian Standards 3660.2.

Termite Management System refers to the type of termite protection installed in or around the structure that complies with any of the systems (or a combination of systems) detailed in Australian Standards 3660.1 or Australian Standards 3660.2.

Bridging refers to a structure, object or termite mud spanning and providing passage over a termite barrier or visual inspection zone.

Termite Inspection refers to an inspection, in accordance with the Australian Standards 3660.2, carried out by a licensed Timber Pest Technician.

Limitation refers to conditions, restrictions, defects and/or factors identified during a termite inspection that can lead to the termite management system being compromised and/or termite ingress.

Warranty Period refers to a period of 12 months from the inspection date.


1.     Sherry’s Termite and Pest Control guarantee to inspect and treat any area infested by Subterranean Termites free of charge except in the following circumstances:

a.     Subterranean termites are not found during our termite inspection.

b.     Subterranean termites are found during our termite inspection and entry into the building has occurred:

i.        by way of a limitation noted in a previous inspection report.

ii.       by way of bridging of the visual inspection zone.

iii.      by way of construction works compromising the termite management system.

iv.      in a building that doesn’t have an entire perimeter physical barrier or chemical barrier that has been installed by Sherry’s Termite and Pest Control.

v.       in a building that doesn’t have an entire perimeter physical barrier or chemical barrier that has been installed.

vi.      in a building whereby the entire perimeter chemical barrier has been installed by a company other than Sherry’s Termite and Pest Control.

in a building whereby we consider the residual effectiveness of the chemical barrier to be expired.

Should any of the above conditions be found during our inspection, we will provide you with a ‘Termite Management Proposal’ with recommendations. No refund for the termite inspection will be provided.

2.     Should subterranean termites be reported to have entered the building by way of any other means than those listed in the conditions above, we will carry out the following:

a.     Refund the cost of the termite inspection.

b.     Eradicate the termite activity from the infested area with an application of chemical.

c.     Provide you with a ‘Termite Management Proposal’ with recommendations for preventing further subterranean termite ingress.

3.     The building must have had a paid termite inspection carried out by Sherry’s Termite and Pest Control.

4.     Any recommendations noted during the ‘Termite Inspection’ and documented in the ‘Termite Management Proposal’ must have been carried out within the recommended period for this warranty to be applicable.

5.     Before any claims can be reviewed, the client will be required to pay in full for another termite inspection by Sherry’s Termite and Pest Control. This report will be required in order to assess the validity of the warranty claim. The cost of this inspection will be refunded if the claim is considered to be valid.

6.     Claims are only applicable if made within the warranty period. This warranty will not be applicable if the account for services supplied is not paid for in full before the claim is made.