What are the treatment options for the pests invading my home?

What are the treatment options for the pests invading my home?

Cockroaches, spiders, ants, rodents, silver fish, fleas and other annoying house hold pests don’t have to be present in your home, and there is an easy solution to keeping your home pest free.

Sherrys Pest Control carry out a General Pest Treatment which covers three of the most common pests- Cockroaches, webbing spiders and Silverfish. This service involves our licensed technician treating internal wall skirtings, kitchen cupboards, roof voids and the perimeter and eaves of your home. All of this takes around an hour, and comes with a 6 month warranty.


Living in Queensland with our tropical climate, comes along with ANTS! Sherry’s have 3 options in treating your ant problem, internal, external or the Ant Treatment Complete. Internally we can use a gel which the ants consume and take back to their nest, killing them. Externally we spray a chemical treating the perimeter of your house and any ant trails coming up to and away from your home. This service has a 3 month warranty.


So have your loving pets bought in fleas? This is one addition you don’t need in your family. Time to call upon Sherry’s. It will take 1 hour to treat the problem areas to eradicate these bitey little guys, our licensed technician will then provide you with a Pest Management Treatment Proposal & advice Notice report, for your records.

Rats and Mice

Having trouble with rats and mice? Keeping domestic rats and mice is one thing, but when they invade your home uninvited its disgusting! Sherry’s can come and install lockable bait stations where there are signs of rodent activity, it is then recommended to have follow up visits every 14 days until the rodents are eradicated.

Wasp Nests

There is no need to put up with that wasp nest that has appeared in your garden, constantly having to avoid that part of your property. Sherry’s will come and treat the area where the wasps are present with chemical to keep the wasps away. Taking 1 hour it is a better idea to call upon professionals to do the job properly.

To keep on top of these pests it isn’t a lot of time to set aside for a long term solution. It is always best to get a licensed professional to carry out these treatments as they use chemicals that you can’t buy over the counter, they will use the chemicals relevant to each particular pest and it is much more affective. It is a small price to pay for piece of mind.